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Womboota Pastoral Grain

Womboota Pastoral grain production is based on biological farming with a strong focus on soil health. The cropping program produces wheat, oats, barley, canola and peas.

Biological farming is based on scientific principles and common sense. Central to this is the realisation that microbes are the basis of all agricultural production systems.

In order to maximise plant-available nutrition, and therefore livestock-available nutrition, it is necessary to create a thriving and sustainable microbial activity in the soil itself. In most farmed and grazed soils, the size and diversity of the soil foodweb is now insufficient to provide self-sustaining fertility and plant nutrition at required levels of production.

This not only decreases the amount of organic matter converted to humus and microbial activity over time, but impacts on the soil’s capacity to hold water.

By improving soil microbial mass and diversity, producers can improve the natural fertility of their soils. In turn, this increases the amount of plant-available and therefore livestock-available nutrients.

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